Renewal Opening of “Setre Glover’s House Nagasaki”

1月, 15, 2015

Capital Brain is pleased to announce that Hotel Majestic, located in Nagasaki City and owned by our affiliate, Hotel Majestic Ltd., will be renewed and will reopen as “Setre Glover’s House Nagasaki” (22 rooms, restaurant) in March 2015.

The Hotel is located in the heart of Nagasaki city, a very unique place in Japan where a lot of national treasures and important cultural properties such as Oura Church, Glover Garden etc. are located.

The Hotel will be managed by Holonic Corporation ( which operates community hotels or restaurants mainly in Kansai area. The interior of the Hotel is designed by WISE・WISE ( of which business is making and selling furniture made from Japanese woods and HASHIMOTO YUKIO DESIGN STUDIO CO., LTD. ( ) which designed interior of Peninsula Hotel Tokyo.? The collaboration of these companies will create an original atmosphere which blends the “old and new, the tradition and western” style and embodies a new image of Nagasaki,. And also, the Hotel, with the cooperation of Nagasaki information magazine “Ra-ku”, will open its lounge named “Raku Lounge” which will be used as a community salon where local news and trends appealing attraction of Nagasaki can be shared among local residents and tourists.

Renovation construction will start on January 2015, and the grand open is scheduled in March 2015.