Our Business

Principal Investment

Our preference for our principal investment is unique. We have acquired office buildings and residential properties that came with legal or regulatory defects hence were not suitable for ordinary investors or end-users. We carefully select the assets to invest, among many assets coming to our path. We are open to form of assets; from real properties to mortgage debts to equity interest in special purpose vehicle, and also open to type of title from fee-simple to joint-ownership to condominium unit ownership.

Our strategy is that, after acquisition of such a defective asset is closed, we work on mending defects, planning and execution of capital expenditures and tenant leasing to improve cash flow, and hold them for extended period of time to sell to investors or end-users for capitalizing solid investment return.

Assets off our investment criteria could be sold to third parties introduced or located through our real estate network. Capital Brain would be acting as a broker for such transactions.

Criteria for Principal Investment

■Type of Assets:
Office buildings, residential buildings and retail / commercial properties that are not suitable to ordinary investors / end-users because of the issues such as condominium ownership, joint ownership, leased land, legal / regulatory defects or ramshackle improvement.
Several tens of millions of yen to 500 million yen
Domestic major cities


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