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Wealth Management

Our wealth management team provides clients with solutions to inheritance tax planning and optimization of real property assets on balance sheet.

Clients for our wealth management business include high-net-worth individuals, corporate owners and family offices of HNWIs who are seeking for solutions to asset reallocation or inheritance tax planning, and corporations of various types looking for property asset(s) suitable to their own use or disposition of property assets on balance sheet. Our clients list has expanded over the years thanks to their confidence in quality of our services.

Through our nationwide network of investors, realty firms and real estate operators, we will locate property asset(s) best-suited to the client’s objective, or find buyer(s) for the client’s asset(s), and help them execute transactions through the form of client’s choice; sealed-bid process or exclusive negotiation.

The team, acting as “one-stop shop”, assists our clients in managing the portfolio of property assets, by providing solutions to the real-estate-related subjects such as tax (including inheritance) planning, debt restructuring and business repositioning.


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