Announcement of participation in “Thoroughbred Compost Ecosystem Project”

11月, 01, 2019

Our subsidiary company, Leaf Co., Ltd. has launched “Thoroughbred Compost Ecosystem Project” in collaboration with Ibaraki University and the agricultural cooperative, “Megumi no Daichi.”

“Thoroughbred Compost Ecosystem Project” is a collaborative platform which intends to produce antibiotic-free compost from horse dung of racehorses, and to create a new popular brand of agricultural products, grown in the soil with this compost.

Soil amelioration platform:

The Leaf Co., Ltd. produces and distributes horse-dung-based fermented compost, named “Thoroughbred Miho” which has been devised and developed in the past twenty years by Koichi Seki, the director of Peony Garden Tokyo, based on his unique soil amelioration technology.

Our company and group companies are willing to keep on extending support the revitalization of regional economies.